HOW-TO:  Re-tube an Earmold
                                   Step-by-Step Instructions


1.  Run the earmold under hot water.


 2.  Remove old tubing with a smooth, gentle motion.  Do not pull hard or tug, as excessive force could rip the tubing.


 3.  Remove any tubing bits from inside the hole, using a tubing reamer.


 4.  Apply cement inside the hole of the earmold.


 5.  Thread tube puller through the hole.  Place the tip of the quilled end of the tube through the loop.


 6.  Pull firmly until the tubing is through the earmold.  Then position for comfort.


 7.  Carefully cut the tube as close to the earmold as possible.


 8.  Wipe earmold with a disinfectant cloth, and reattach to hearing aid.