Custom Hearing Protection
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A comfortable, custom made earmold provides better hearing protection. 

The custom mold is made from your ear impression, to fit your ear only, providing the best seal to prevent harmful sound levels from entering your ear.

The earmold is a duplicate of the ear impression.

Your Custom Hearing Protection may be made either with the world famous Hocks Noise Filter® or as solid hearing protection. 

Custom hearing protection is available in solid colors, swirled colors, translucent colors, translucent clear, with or without cords. See color chart below.

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Hocks Noise Braker®
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  • The Custom Hocks Noise Braker® is hearing protection made from an ear impression, with the Hocks Noise Filter® inserted into the earmold. 

  • Reduces all sound to approximately speech level
  • No sounds over 80 dB will pass through the filter

  • Converts sonic energy into thermal energy by means of compression acceleration

  • For more information on Hocks Noise Brakers®:

    Filtered hearing protection allows the wearer to hear conversational level sound.

  • Price: $120.00 for a pair of earplugs in a solid color, with additional cost for swirled colors and cords

Solid Hearing Protection
Solid Plugs

The Solid earplug is made of silicone, a flexible, non-shrinking, durable material, offering maximum seal, comfort, and protection.  Full solid units block sound from entering the canal.  Coloring options are available.   NRR 31

Price: $100.00 for Solid Plugs in a solid color, with additional cost for swirled color

Prevent leakage with a seal only available in custom units.  No swim mold can provide a 100% water-tight seal. However, a properly fitted mold will prevent most moisture from entering the ear.  They are recommended by swimming instructors and doctors for persons requiring protection of the outer ear.  Swim Plugs are made of silicone, a flexible, non-shrinking, durable material, offering maximum seal, comfort, and protection.

The sleeping plug is a solid plug, but with the outer surface of the mold phantomed (scooped out) for comfort when lying on the ear.

Swim Plugs
Sleep Plugs
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Cord Options

Anchored Cord

  • Permanently attached to earplugs

  • Black woven nylon


Pressure Fit Cord

  • Removable

  • PVC flexible plastic

Step - By - Step Directions


Custom hearing protection requires individual impressions of the ear.

If you are in the Portland, Oregon area, we will take your ear impressions at no additional charge. Please call us at

503-274-9482 or 1-800-654-6257 for an appointment.

How-to order Hocks Noise Brakers®,

Solid Hearing Protection earplugs, Swim Plugs, & Sleep Plugs

if a dealer is not listed in your area:

1.  Call any local hearing specialist in your city that sells hearing aids, to have impressions taken of your ears.  All hearing aid dealers can take your ear impressions. Compare prices to see how much this will cost.

2.  Give the hearing professional these instructions:

     The finished impressions need to meet the following criteria:

     -The concha is round and full

     -The canal is past the 2nd bend

     -The helix is filled in and complete

     -Impression fills ear cavity, including the  tragus, concha, antihelix

3.  The impressions should be given to you in a small cardboard box.  Write your name and phone number inside the box flap.

4.  To send the impressions to Hocks Earmold Lab, use our

Order Form & Mailing Label. Fill in the section of the form for Hearing Protection Earpiece Options. 



Color and cording options are available for your custom hearing protection. For additional information, please see Hocks Earlab Options: The color and cord options are also for solid earplugs, swim plugs, and sleep plugs. If you do not indicate a color choice, your earmolds will be clear.

     - Add any notes to the special instructions box on the order form. 


Contact us with questions, and for the cost of your hearing protection:

  call us at 800-654-6257 or 



When we receive your order, we will call you for your credit card information, and with any questions we may have about your order. 

After you send your impressions to us, or after we take impressions of your ears, our earmold lab technicians use your ear impressions to create your comfortable custom earplugs, made to fit your ears only. 

Favorites from Hocks Earmold Lab


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Favorites from our Earmold Lab

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