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Custom Hocks Noise Braker® earplugs
Hocks Noise Braker®

Hocks Noise Brakers® are available as Custom Noise Brakers®, or as Noise Braker® Standards.

Custom Noise Brakers® are hearing protection earplugs made from an ear impression, with the Hocks Noise Filter® inserted into the earmold.

Noise Braker® Standards are over-the-counter earplugs, utilizing the Hocks Noise Filter®, with soft flanges for fit and comfort. One-size-fits-most wearers.

Hocks Noise Braker® Standards over-the-counter plugs
Hocks Noise Braker®
What is a Hocks Noise Braker®?


Hocks Noise Brakers®, hearing protection earplugs with an acoustic filter, do not block sound, they let it in at a reduced volume.  Hear conversation and necessary warning sounds while protecting your hearing. The amount of sound that is filtered out depends on the volume. As the noise level increases, so does the amount of hearing protection.

The Hocks Noise Braker® has an NRR of 19 dB. The actual amount of noise reduction depends on fit (in the case of Noise Braker Standards), volume, and pitch (lower sounds are not reduced as much as middle to high sounds).  The louder the volume, the more noise is reduced. 


How the Noise Braker Works - Protect Your Hearing

Using the Laws of Physics

The Accelerated Resonant Decay Principle

It is an axiom of physics that we cannot create or destroy energy. We can, however, convert it.

The Hocks Noise Filter® converts sonic energy into thermal energy by means of compression acceleration. The rise in temperature is so minute you will never notice it. You can still hear, but a dangerous level of sound can not possibly get through the filter. 

The Noise Braker reduces harmful noise to non-damaging decibel levels.

In plain English, this means Hocks Noise Brakers® bounce part of the dangerous incoming noise back out of your ear, reducing incoming noise to a safe volume level.
The louder the dangerous noise, the more sound that gets automatically canceled out. As a result, no sound over approximately 85 decibels is allowed to pass through the filter into your ear!


Hocks Noise Brakers® provide smart hearing protection, by converting any loud noise to a safe sound level of 80-85 dB  with no electronics and no moving parts that can fail.

How Noise Brakers work illustration


The actual amount of noise reduction depends on fit (Noise Braker Standards), volume, and pitch. Lower sounds are not reduced as much as middle to high sounds.  The louder the volume, the more noise is reduced. 

Why the Hocks Noise Braker®?
  • Contains a patented acoustical chamber which reduces all sound to approximately speech level

  • Permits wearer to hear and carry on a conversation at all times, without removing the hearing protection


  • Can be worn continuously without discomfort

  • Ear channel is not blocked

  • Made of soft material that can be easily cleaned with soap and water

  • Custom earmold is a soft consistency, giving the best auricular seal, with the acoustic filter inserted into the sound passage

  • Does not seal off the ear sounds or passage of air

  • Has no mechanical or electronic parts to move, wear out, contaminate, or injure the ear

  • Change of air pressure will not bother wearer


Custom Swirled red and black molds

"Being protective of my hearing, I embarked on a search that would ultimately lead me to Hock's Noise Brakers®.  All I can say about these is, WOW!!  These Noise Brakers work wonderfully!"

Custom earmolds in Translucent Pink
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