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Halloween Fun

(answers below)

1. Where do pumpkins grow?     a)Vines    b)Stalks    c)Trees    d)Bushes

2. How long does it take for a pumpkin to mature?    a)30-60 days  b)40-80 days  c. 60-90 days d) 90-120 days

3. Before pumpkins, the Irish carved Jack o' lanterns out of what?

a)Potatoes     b)Turnips     c)Rutabagas     d)All of these

4. Who sang the song Monster Mash?     a)Billy Ray Cyrus  b)Frank Sinatra  c)Bobby Pickett  d)Frankie Avalon

5. What is a group of witches called?     a)Coven    b)Convoy    c)Commune    d)Cauldron

6. What is a male witch called?     a)Man witch  b)Warlock  c)Male witch  d)There's no such thing

7. What was Dr. Frankenstein's first name?     a)Igor    b)Boris    c)Victor    d)Lurch

8. Who was Jack O'Lantern?     a)Banished demon   b)Mischievous elf   c)Guardian angel   d)Shifty villain

9. Black and orange are Halloween colors. What does the color black signify? 

a)Death     b)Darkness     c)Mystery     d)The Devil

10. What does the Halloween color orange represent?

a)Twilight     b)The burning of spirits     c)The harvest     d)Candy corn

11. Halloween was also know by what name?

a)Feast of the Dead     b)Samhain     c)All Hallows Eve     d)All of these

12. What does the word 'Hallo" mean?     a)Spook    b)Saint    c)Spirit    d)Haunt

13. Which country celebrates Halloween by eating sweet skulls?     a)Italy  b)Mexico   c)Spain   d)Scotland

14. Which Halloween custom began as a way of finding out who would get married first?

a)Trick or treating    b)Wearing masks    c)Building a bonfire    d)Bobbing for apples

15. According to superstition, how do you ward off evil spirits?

a)Walk around your house 3 times, backward & counterclockwise      b)Ring a bell    

c)Hold your breath when passing a cemetery      d)All of these

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Answers to Halloween fun

1.Pumpkins grow on a)Vines.

2. A pumpkin takes d)90-120 days to mature.

3. The Irish carved Jack o'lanterns out of d)All of these.

4. Monster Mash was sung by c)Bobby Pickett.

5. A group of witches is called a)Coven.

6. A male witch is called a b)Warlock.

7. Dr. Frankenstein's first name was c)Victor.

8. Jack O'Lantern was a d)Shifty villain.

9. The color black signifies a)Death.

10. The color orange represents c)The Harvest.

11. Halloween was also know by d)All of these.

12. The word 'Hallo' means b)Saint.

13. The country that celebrates with sweet skulls is b)Mexico.

14. The Halloween custom that began as a way of finding out who would marry first is d)Bobbing for apples.

15. According to superstition, you ward off evil with d)All of these.