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Customer Comments & Reviews

Hearing Aid Tubes

T.C. - "I love your tubes! I have worn hearing aids for too many years to count and I am so glad I found you. These are the best tubes I have used. They are easier to put in and last longer also. Thank you!

Musician - Hearing Protection

K.D. - "I've worn Hocks Noise Brakers for 40 years.  My mother insisted I get fitted for my first pair when I was just 16 years old.  She was concerned that my daily drum set practicing would harm my hearing.  I've worn them throughout my tour with the United States Marine Corps Band in hundreds of music performances.  I also wore them on the rifle range and when loading gear on planes when the band traveled.  I've worn them when I was working in construction, logging, and when teaching music and working with marching bands.  I've worn them whenever I'm operating hand tools, yard tools, or vacuuming.  I always wear them when I'm practicing my drums and, as a working professional drummer, I've worn them to thousands of live performances over the years.  I also wear them when I'm in the recording studio, under my headphones. 

When I'm on stage, they not only protect my hearing, they also help me hear the whole band.  Because of the way they work, I can hear every instrument on stage, not just the loudest or ones closest to me. 

I've worked around crashing cymbals, blasting trumpets, amplified guitars and in high-volume surroundings for most of the last 4 decades, and I still have my hearing, thanks to Hocks Noise Brakers and a little encouragement from my mother.  Just ordered two new pairs of them.

- Thanks, Hocks!"

R.J. - "I've used your plugs for years as a musician and a motorcyclist. Great product! Thanks!"

Hearing Protection Earplugs

D.H. - "Many years ago I worked at United Airlines and had form fitted earplugs made by Hocks.  I am now retired but still wear them when I'm doing noisy woodworking and chainsaw work.  I guess I could be a TV promo person for these earplugs!  I still have great hearing, even after years of working in noisy environments.  My regards, and I compliment your customer relations."

Hearing Protection - Motorcycle & Noisy Tools

M.R.H. - "I recently purchased a pair of your Custom Noise Brakers to use while riding my motorcycle.  They are very comfortable to use all day.  I was very impressed when I decided to use them at a friend's house during some construction.  We were cutting some railroad ties with a chainsaw and some rebar with a 10" chop saw.  As a test, I asked him to say something to me during both of these activities and, to my amazement, I heard him perfectly.  He was equally amazed when I repeated back to him what he'd said, since he said he couldn't hear what he was saying. These things are great!!"

R.J. - "Great products! Thanks!"

Hearing Protection

R.K. - "I purchased my Noise Brakers in 1987 when I read about them being used by Dick Rutan and Jeana Yeager in their aircraft flight around the world.  I still have and use them.  After 30 years of use I thought maybe it's time to buy a new pair.  I use them for my shooting sports and love them.  They are very comfortable and the best noise suppression I've ever used.  Far superior to any of the other brands I've seen over the years.  Thanks for the great work!"

M.B. - "I just received the Hocks Noise Braker Standards ear plugs and they are great!  I would like to get a 2nd pair with a cord so I don't drop one in the woods. I put in the plugs, shot a shot gun, and banged the heads of two steel 2 lb. sledge hammers together, and never felt a bit of those high and fast noises.  I am really impressed!"

R.W. - "Love your products! I have the Custom Noise Brakers for when I go to the shooting range."

Assistive Clock

E. M. - "Thank you so much for your help in finding the right clock for my husband! He is nearly deaf and our old alarm could not wake him up. You were very helpful."

Hearing Protection Earplugs

Darth Bling (Darth has requested we use his name) -

"As a roller derby referee, I'm subjected to extremely loud noises whenever I lace up my skates. The biggest culprit is our whistles, which are usually rated at 120dB or so. You can literally feel your inner ears rattling inside your head when you blow one of these whistles.  And with seven referees on the track at one time, there's a lot of opportunity to get one of these whistles blown directly near your ear!  Being protective of my hearing, I embarked on a search that would ultimately lead me to Hock's Noise Brakers.  All I can say about these is, WOW!!  These Noise Brakers work wonderfully!  Unlike regular earplugs, which seem to mute and muddy everything you hear, the Noise Brakers preserve the sounds you hear while quieting only the loud noises. Whistle blasts still sound sharp and crisp, but are significantly quieter now.  And I can still clearly hear my fellow referees during the middle of jams, even when the crowd and music is at it's loudest.  These things are wonderful!  I'm also less fatigued after a roller derby bout now, since I'm no longer inundated by all the loud noises.  I also find it easier to concentrate too.  Whether it's the blast from a Fox 40 whistle or the concussive crack from a .223 caliber rifle round, these earplugs perform beyond expectations!!  I still have near-perfect hearing, and with Noise Brakers I will continue to keep it that way!  Thanks!"

G.R. - "Dear Karen, I was so pleased to talk to you yesterday about dehumidifiers and cleaning tools for my hearing aids. Many thanks for your kindness."

Tinnitus and Hyperacusis

J.A. - "I suddenly developed Tinnitus and Hyperacusis in 1987.  At that time I found out about Hocks Laboratories from the American Tinnitus Association.  I had my first pair of Custom Noise Brakers made.  That pair lasted until 1998, only because my purse was stolen with them in it.  I had another custom pair made, which to this day (2012), I still wear.  I can honestly say that I cannot live my life without them!  To me, they are a vital necessity, just like a pair of glasses.  With my Hyperacusis and Tinnitus I cannot tolerate loud noises and certain frequencies that other (normal hearing) people can.  I wear my Noise Brakers in the car, bus, downtown city noise, restaurants, movies, traveling, musical performances, large family gatherings, and many otherwise noisy environments.  Wearing them allows me to participate in the things I enjoy, and in sharing my life with friends and family.  From the beginning I have found them easy to wear and very comfortable.  I have tried other in-the-ear custom made noise reduction products, but none match the comfort, flexibility, quality, and decibel reduction of my Hocks Noise Brakers.  Excellent product!  Since they are so vital to me, I'm getting a backup pair.  Keep up the great work!  They are the best!  I hope you are able to make this product forever!!  Thanks!"

S.W., Former Service Member, 2 Honorable Discharges, 2-time Veteran - "Your Brakers offer me 90% relief in nearly every situation.  After 25 years of suffering with hyperacusis, I can attest that your Brakers really work. Thank you!"

Menieres Disease

L.J. - "I have now suffered from Menieres Disease for over 7 years.  When I am going through bad episodes of Menieres, I have terrible vertigo.  I can suffer for days afterwards from side effects.

One of the side effects is an extra sensitivity to particular and loud sounds.  This makes it difficult to do my work, where I often have to use loud power tools.  Certain sounds are terrible to suffer through.

I don't know why, but your Noise Brakers are the only ear protection that allow me relief so that I don't have to miss days of work.  This makes the people I work for very happy as well as making me happy because I don't have to suffer from the side effects, as well as the disease. 

Thank you."

Walk-in Customer

A.D. - "It may sound silly, but I feel like a kid in a candy store! I drive more than an hour to get here, but it's so worth it. I love it here. I've been hard of hearing for most of my life and I can find everything I need in this one place and everyone is so friendly!! I hope you will always be here."

Tinnitus and Recruitment

J.C. - "On Wednesday, January 30, 2013, I had the pleasure of speaking with Kari at Hocks.  I suffer from severe and chronic bi-lateral Tinnitus and a related condition called Recruitment (loud noise is much louder to me).  I was impressed with Kari's knowledge of both conditions, and her recommendations regarding models of custom molded ear plugs. I will be sending Hocks Earlab my impressions in the immediate future, and am looking forward to my ear plugs.  I am extremely impressed with their Noise Reduction Rating (NRR).

This is an ideal forum for me to share a means of serious relief for you tinnitus sufferers... as I know, it is physically and mentally debilitating... and can induce feelings of desperation.  I was told by MD (ENT) after MD that there was nothing that could be done.  I saw at least 6 ENTs and Neuro Otologists (brain and ear specialists) within 6 months, always getting the same hopeless diagnosis.  Then my fate changed... a new ENT told me that there was a Dr. John J. Shea, Jr., a Neuro Otologist who aggressively treated Tinnitus & Menieres Disease, and had excellent results in curing or reducing the ringing and effects of Menieres Disease. His father (an ENT) founded the Shea Clinic in Memphis,Tennessee many years ago, and now Dr. John J. Shea, Jr. and his MD son (and several other excellent MDs) carried on his work.  (Dr. John J. Shea, Jr. has recently retired, however his son performs all the same procedures).  I had an appointment within 2 weeks of learning about him and flew to Memphis (you know, as I know, to get relief from debilitating tinnitus, we'd fly to China).  With his original 3 day IV treatment in 1991, he reduced my tinnitus by 20%. With his newly developed ear perforation (4 day procedure) he has reduced my "noise" by 25% (my inner ear damage was caused by an explosion of noise, deadening the nerve endings).  While in the waiting room I met patients who had come to see him from Australia, Great Britain and Saudi Arabia, referred by their ENT MDs.  My insurance covered everything, as does most insurance. 

I'll conclude by writing this:  Never accept an ominous diagnosis, or "There's nothing we can do", or "You'll have to live with it", until you hear it from the brilliant MDs at the Shea Hearing & Balance Center in Memphis, TN. (I doubt you will!)

I know what you're suffering, I know the feelings of helplessness and desperation... PLEASE don't accept this condition.  There are so many changes you can make, medications you can take, and all important... hearing protection you can acquire at Hocks... there is constructive and positive hope. 

If you want to discuss your tinnitus, I want to help.  I don't want anybody to suffer as badly as I once did.  My email is  Everybody stay safe, Jim Crotty"

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